About windows-xp-download.com

Hello, Welcome to windows-xp-download.com.

We offer various downloads for Windows XP and a link to request a download of new installation disc from Microsoft. If you have Windows XP licence and, for some reason, you don’t dispose of an installation disc, this is just a right place to guide you.

Apart from the link to Windows XP download, we also offer various downloads for Windows XP such as drivers, service packs, themes, applications like Windows Live Messenger, Windows Media Player, MS Silverlight, several versions of Internet Explorer, Direct X interface, Windows Easy Transfer tool and even MS Office including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Even though Windows XP is 10 years old, it is a great operation system and many users still like to use it. As it  is no longer sold and supported, windows-xp-download.com provides you a complex source of downloads for this system. Feel fre to download all the stuff related to Windows XP legally.